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We provide businesses with the tools needed to reduce credit card processing costs. With our programs, you can pick the pricing structure that’s best for your business and your customers, all while keeping more of the profits where they belong – in your pocket.

Three Money-Saving Payment Processing Options

True Cash Discounting

Non Cash Adjusting


  • Highlight built-in Cash Discount incentive
  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Non-Cash Adjustment language only
  • For use in states that prohibit surcharging
  • Highlight built-in Cash Discount incentive
  • Available in English and Spanish 

Available in all

industry types

Featured Industries




Potential to eliminate processing fees

Up to 80%+ reduction in total processing fees

Any business providing a quote

Innovative Benefits

Cash Discounting and Surcharging are some of the fastest-growing trends in the industry, as well as the most misunderstood, miscommunicated, and is filled with fear-based selling practices.

Offset up to 100% of your merchant’s processing costs with our payment processing programs!

Legally share processing fees with customers.

Customizable pricing based onbusiness type.

Ideal for a wide variety ofbusinesses.

Clearly list non-cash adjustments and surcharges on customer receipts.

Free signage to post at entrance and point of sale.

Free training/educational resources for staff and customers.

Make More Money With Innovative Retail Solutions!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I potentially Save?

  • Simple – Just look at your 2018 Credit Card Surcharge totals. This program can virtually eliminate 100% and this is all now PROFIT
  • For Example-The average Auto Dealer pays $200,000 per year. All of this now drops to the Bottom Line

What will this cost me?

  • Absolutely nothing. All Fees (Mthly/Swipe/Origination) exist but we will pick 100% of the Fees so there is absolutely No Cost to you

How will I get paid?

  • Exactly as you do today. All charges today are swept in the evening and deposited the next day
  • The only difference is you will get 100% of your money in the morning and no surcharges will now be applied

Can I use AMEX with this. They have high fees and I have never taken AMEX before?

  • With our Program, you can take VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. You will never see a Fee on any of them and you can take all of them.

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